Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 43

This week.....
1. We went on two temple tours. One with a Recent Convert (who loved it!) and one with a potential investigator. I loved teaching there because the spirit was so strong they couldn't deny it. It was also neat to see all the other missionaries there, doing the same thing. We got to take them into the waiting room and just sit and feel the spirit. It made me miss the temple so much more! GO THERE WHILE YOU CAN!!!
2. We were trying to contact a referral that we had received, but when the guard called from the gate he didn't answer. By some miracle the guard let us in anyways and we went straight to his house. An older man answered the door and explained that the person we were looking for was his son who wouldn't be back for another hour. As we left and got in the car another car pulled into their driveway. We got out and introduced ourselves, finding out that he was the one we were looking for. It was a 16 year old boy who had been taught quite a few lessons by the missionaries in Orlando. He loved what he had learned and he had been waiting for us. He was leaving town, but we plan to see him this coming week. You never know what fruits might come of the seeds you plant. 
3. We were also able to teach seminary this week. We taught about how simple it is to share the gospel with our friends by sharing simple principles and testimony. We showed them how to role play and split off into groups so that they could try. We gave them all pass along cards to give out that day. It's funny to see how much I've grown from then till now. THANK GOODNESS FOR MISSIONS!!!!!!!
4. I actually spoke in both the Pines ward and the Nova YSA branch yesterday. Talk about nerve racking! I think it went pretty well though. I realized how simple it is to talk when I prepare myself DAILY and study from Preach my gospel as well.
5. We had interviews with President Richardson. That man is so loving. HE IS CALLED OF GOD!!! I look up to him so much. I truly believe that I was called here for HIM to be my mission President.
I've been studying a lot about being sanctified in the Book of Mormon and Bible. 
I love how it is a PROCESS and something that we work at everyday. As long as we're repenting FREQUENTLY and prepare ourselves for the sacrament weekly, the Holy Ghost will be able to sanctify us.
Love you all!
Sister Matheson
-Last P-day we went "mountain" biking with our district. 
(Fake, man-made "mountains"). 
It was fun to get out and explore Florida a little bit. 

Temple Tours


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 42

There were so many amazing things that happened this week I'll just have to brake it down for you in bullet points....
-This week our mission expanded! It now includes the Fort Myers zone from the Tampa mission. It's a third bigger now (I'll send you a pic of the new boundaries). We didn't know anything about it and neither did the missionaries over there. They had a meeting with their mission President on Wednesday where he told them they would now be a part of the FFLM and then President Richardson and the AP's walked in. CRAZY!!! We heard about it in a conference call that night. One of their Zone Leaders became our third AP and they did a few Emergency Transfers. I guess the First Presidency approved this a long time ago, but they were waiting for the right time to officially make the change.
-This week we were going through our List of Potential Elders and found out that one of them had moved. We were able to say a prayer with some of the people who had moved in. We left with them a chapel card and a Restoration pamphlet. As we got to our car we received a phone call from the woman who lived there. She explained that she had been in the Restroom and wanted us to come back to tell her more about our church. We quickly went back and said a prayer with the rest of their family. On Saturday we did a chapel tour with them and on Sunday they came to church! Sadly, they came just AFTER the sacrament, but they still felt the Spirit and we set them all with a date in two Sundays. God definitely provides people to teach when we follow the council of our leaders, (Elder Zwick's training and encouragement for Sisters to work with Potential Elders).

-Nova Had a Baptism on Sunday and two confirmations! Although Sister Anderson and I weren't able to teach them for very long we still were grateful to be a part of their story of coming closer to Jesus Christ. It boosted our motivation to continue finding families in Pines to baptize and confirm.
Funny Story: 
We were at Walgreens picking up my prescription and Sister Hartley started talking to this old Cuban woman. As I walked over, the first thing she said was, "You have such nice legs, you have the nicest legs out of the three of you". hahaha oh my....When we left we were saying a prayer with a woman in the parking lot. The Cuban woman drove by and started honking and waving at us during the prayer. 

This week I studied Alma 49 in the Book of Mormon. Never before has the Spirit touched me and taught me like it did when I read that chapter. As I read I pondered how Moroni is like our Modern day prophet. When we heed his council and "fortify" ourselves we are protected from the adversary (Amalickiah). It repeats over and over how they were "prepared" which made me ponder on the importance of our time to "prepare" as missionaries. Our study times are so sacred because they truly "prepare" us for the "stones and arrows" that are thrown our way. 
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
Jason's Baptism

We did a "mini mission" with our bishops daughter. 
She leaves next week for Ukrain, Russian speaking

cats for days!!! yes, I got new glasses


Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 41

First of all, We're in a TRIO now!!!  One of our STL's had to go home this morning for back surgery so now Sister Hartley (from Alberta Canada) is with us. We will be serving in both Pines and her area, Nova YSA. We will be in our Trio for the next three weeks. 
We're SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! This will be the fourth trio of my mission.
Elder Zwick and his wife came. They are SO incredible. Even just being in the same room as them you could feel the spirit. They did a special leadership/missionary fireside on Wednesday night down in Miami Lakes. He talked a lot about how the members need to be the ones to find and the missionaries need to be the ones to teach because the work is really hastening.
On Friday there was a special mission training/conference with him and we all went through and got to shake his hand and hug his wife. They just peered into my soul. No big deal. Someone also volunteered me to lead the music for the whole thing which was a surprise to me. I jumped up there and after the song, Elder Zwick thanked me by name. I wanted to share a few things that stuck out to me from what he said....
In order to stop the comparison of numbers between missionaries we must have one thing on our mind, "Have I done all that I could today?" If we can honestly kneel down every night and say "God, wilt thou accept the very best I could've done today?" 
Than we are doing ok. That applies not only for missionary work, 
but for our every day lives.
" I will never limit myself by what I think is my capacity, 
I will allow the Lord to expand my capacity and HE WILL!!!"
Mark 1:17
"If you're willing to change YOU WILL BECOME"
We ate dinner with a part member family this week and the Dad said that he would come to Sacrament meeting on Sunday. He is very sarcastic so we shrugged it off, thinking that he was joking. On Sunday his wife came and sat by us and said, "I have a surprise for you...I think *first name* is actually coming!" We couldn't believe it. Right then He walked in and sat on the same row as us. MILAGROS!
We also helped a less active family paint their garage on Saturday and they came to Church on Sunday. Service=softened hearts.
Funny story: I was moving stuff around in my closet last night to make room for Sister Hartley's things. I moved my luggage and SCREAMED like a little girl because there was a gecko hiding in there. I continued screaming every time it moved for about 20 minutes. Mind you, we were also on the phone with our District Leader and they stayed on the phone to hear the whole thing. Finally Sister Anderson was able to get it in a Tupperware container and through it outside. I'm such a girl. Hahah
I love you all so much!!!
Sincerely, Sister Matheson

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 40 - Happy New Year 2015

HAPPY 2015!!!!! I can't believe 2014 has already come and gone. On New Years Eve a member took us to an Argentine bakery and we got Empanadas. SO GOOD!!! 
I don't know how I will ever live without Latin food. 
I guess I'll just have to make it for you all when I get home.
I can't believe that my HALF WAY MARK has already come and gone as well! SO WEIRD!!! I can't even describe how weird that feels...anyways
     This week we had an exchange with our STL's on my 9-month "Birthday". We all met up at ihop for breakfast to celebrate. I got to work in the Nova YSA (Young Single Adults) area with Sister Coates. We went harvesting in a ghetto neighborhood. It was quite the experience for me. I LOVED it! We talked to some homies and some stray dogs followed us and everything. We went to follow up with some people that they had prayed with and they lived right by Hollywood beach. I could just feel the moisture in the air. It was exactly what I thought about when I thought about serving in Florida...weird how my mission has been nothing like that! HA.
     Friday we went to a Recent Converts house for her Birthday. Her neighbor made REAL Italian Lasagna. It was THE. BEST. LASAGNA. I'VE. EVER HAD.!!! No joke. I felt like Bob from "What about Bob" the whole time just telling her over and over how good it was. I had to take pictures. She didn't even use marinara or mozzarella like you would think. She also made the best carrot cake I've ever had. (Dad, you should be jealous. I'll send you a pic). Man, now I'm hungry...
     On Sunday there was a member visiting from Nicaragua who brought her non-member cousin whom she was staying with. They came up to us and introduced themselves. We asked her how she felt at church and she said she really felt good. They stayed for all three hours. After church we found out that they don't live in our area, but it really boosted my faith and I have no doubt that God will compensate for our efforts when we do all we can.
This week I realized a couple areas that I need to improve on. I feel as though most people desire to see results immediately. I definitely fall under that category as well, especially when it comes to missionary work. I want to help people so badly because I love them so much and it's a little frustrating when I can't see the impact I'm having.  I reflected on our purpose and realized that the only thing we can do is INVITE!!! We can't even be the ones to help them, only Jesus Christ can do that. I reflected on Joseph Smith and how he didn't get to see the full impact that he had until he had already passed away. I know now that God can be and is proud of us when we do all we can do, but when the end result isn't as we had hoped, we can still feel edified because we know we did what we've been called here to do. Just some thoughts.
I love you all so much. Thank you for your emails, prayers, and support. 
I hope you all have an amazing week and keep doing the BASICS!!!
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
Art in Hollywood

Amazing Carrot Cake
 Rose and I on her birthday
 Sister Anderson and Rose on her birthday
 Sister Anderson and I

Sister Coates and I

 My 9 month "Birthday" Breakfast Party