Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 52

My Birthday was so amazing!!!!!!!
Thank you all for the love you sent my way. It was greatly appreciated. On my B-day we had a Specialized Training for half of the South Zones of the mission. I was sung "Happy Birthday" along with all the other Birthday babies from March. We also went to Moonlite Diner and Got a referral for another Church....
#missionlife . 

Our 14 year old investigator, *N*, is set to be baptized this Tuesday, the 31st. We showed up at their door on Sunday morning and she told us she wasn't going to make it to church. We didn't take that for an answer. We told them the importance of coming to church in order for her to prepare for her baptism and she got ready right then to come. She even brought one of her friends with her who agreed to come to her baptism.

We got a phone call from one of our members saying that he had someone for us to teach. He had been in the line at a grocery store and started bearing his testimony about how the church he attended was the SAME church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the earth. We met up with that man and the member yesterday and the man agreed to read the Book of Mormon and have us back over to say a prayer with him.

We were going to visit a part member family and prayed to be able to meet new people as we walked to their house. When we got out of the car I noticed a woman sitting on the porch of a nearby house. We went right up to her and when we offered to give her a picture of Jesus Christ and say a prayer with her she started crying, telling us that she knew that we were coming to help her when she saw us get out of the car. She accepted a return appointment. (She also told us that she has been dealing with depression so Sister Morrow and I were able to connect with her).

I studied in Joseph Smith history today. I loved the part where he was praying with all the energy of his heart and how he continued to pray, even when the adversary was so strong. It was only because he continued to pray faithfully that he was able to see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

Funny/weird moment of the week: 
While driving past the local cemetery, I looked over and noticed two nuns, dressed in all white, taking "selfies" by some grave sites...? Normal? I think not. 

Love you all!!!

Sincerely, Sister Matheson
The sisters decorated for my Birthday!

Love my dad's art work

Birthday in a box

Happy 20th Birthday!

South Zone
Friday FroYo

My favorite place on earth (besides Good Earth of coarse)

"Birthday Cake" flavored gum

Our little "tea Party"

Sister Morrow and I

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 51

My new companion is Sister Morrow! This is her 3rd transfer so I'm "greenie breaking" again. She's amazing. She is from Centerville UT and just the sweetest thing.This week as Sister Morrow and I got to work, a spirit of reassurance poured over me of how well my Father in Heaven knows me. I know that we are supposed to be companions. I have already learned so much from her dedication, obedience, and diligence. This is going to be a great transfer filled with great things.
We had an amazing temple visit on Wednesday night with our investigators Felicia and her daughter Niarobi. From the moment they stepped out of their car they were taking pictures of the temple and commenting on how beautiful it was. Our amazing members assisted us in giving the tour and afterwards we taught them about the Law of Chastity. Felicia is so set on being baptized and doing what God wants of her that she said that she would definitely talk to her boyfriend about getting married. Felicia and Niarobi came to church on Sunday and were welcomed with the warm embracing arms of the members. 
The Young Women leaders even invited Niarobi to join them at Girl's Camp this week!
I have been pondering this week on the Spirit and how I can recognize it better. I have often wondered at times when I follow the Spirit and nothing happens, if it was truly a prompting or my own thoughts. I found comfort in the 20th and 21st Chapter of Alma. Aaron is prompted to go teach the Amalekites in their synagogues. As he does so, they reject him and the words he shares. He leaves, staying faithful despite the rejection. I believe that at this point, a lot of us would question what we had just done and if it was truly from God. However, Aaron never did. He continued on, acting on the promptings that he received and went to teach a King, converting him and all of his kingdom. I believe that God was trying his faith in order to bless him with this amazing miracle.
I love you all so incredibly much. 
I am proud of the missionary work that you are all doing. Keep it up! 
No effort is ever wasted!
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
My new Comp. Sister Morrow

Sister Morrow and I

With Niarobi and Felicia

Ft Lauderdale Temple
Florida mail boxes though...
Sister Morrow is allergic to milk so we have fun finding Dairy free desserts. Don't judge!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 50

Transfer call was last night and........

I'M STAYING IN HOLLYWOOD NORTH! I'm super excited too because Sister Torralba is staying in Hollywood Hills West so we still get to live in the same house. Too bad Sister Heacock is transferring...I've really LOVED this trio!:)

Our Recent Convert (in Hollywood Hills Ward), Julia, had a session of Chemo right after her Baptism. We couldn't meet with her for a week, but when it was finally ok for us to go see her she let us know of one of the biggest miracles I've ever witnessed on my mission. Before she was baptized and when they first found the cancer, her tumor was over 5 cm. When she went in next it had gone down to 2 cm and after her baptism THEY COULDN'T EVEN FIND IT!!! God definitely is a God of Miracles. 

We've been teaching our investigator, Felicia, and her daughter Niarobi. They recognize the need for baptism and they are definitely Elect because they came to Stake Conference. Afterwards we talked to them about how they liked it. 
They accepted baptism for the 4th of April

On Wednesday we were hungry and decided to stop at Tijuana Flats to grab something to eat. The girl who took my order got all excited and told me that she was actually a member who was less active. She told us that she had been wanting to come back and asked us where the local building was. As I paid she said, "hold on a second. My manager has been wanting to know more about the church". When they both came over, the first thing he said was, "do you have a Book of Mormon". 
"Of course", we said. He then told us that he had been to the Temple Open house with his family and LOVED it. Such a tender mercy. God works in mysterious ways. 

I found a scripture this week while looking at cross references in 
the Book of Mormon. 
It is 1Peter 3:15 "But Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:" 

I love you all!!!!

Sincerely, Sister Matheson
Pics of the Week:

Elder from Trinidad at our P-day activity

Smoothies from the Farmers Market

My Indian pants from the Farmers Market

Sisters with Bindi's

With Sister Davidson

Sister Davidson is awesome
Friday FroYo's are the BEST!
Chillin' with the Elders after Stake Conference
Getting ready for work at Deseret Book (someday) 
Twinning with Sister T
I'm gonna miss these girls!

My 11 Month Picture!

My new boyfriend
Trio by a Mural

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 49-One of the biggest miracles of my mission!


This week was so amazing! Having the opportunity to teach with the Hollywood Hills Sisters has been a tender mercy. Despite the fact that NO HABLO ESPANOL. ( I don't speak Spanish...) All of the lessons were in Spanish and I just sat there like, "wow, I wish I knew what was going on". Hahaha
They would look at me and I would say, "Yo se que es verdad". Which means "I know that is true". Then they would procede with the lesson. Muy awkward. I'm not an HERMANA!!! However, we were in a lesson and I felt the Spirit so strongly tell me to bare my testimony. I shared what little I knew in Spanish and I know it was only because of the Gift of Tongues because the man I bore my testimony to FELT IT! (wow...I'm using a lot of capitals...Can you tell I'm excited about this week?:) ) 
 As we taught Julia this week I knew that the Emergency Transfer and trio was what God wanted to happen. On Thursday we had a lesson with Julia and Jesus (my recent convert who is her son). They told us that they had gone to the doctor the day before to figure things out for her chemo. When they got to the doctors office they had not yet done the paperwork for her so they returned the next day. They THEN found out that there was a problem with her insurance so the Chemo therapy would be moved to MONDAY!!! It was definitely an answer to our prayers. She was then able to see the Sacrament twice and be baptized yesterday as well as receive the Holy Ghost. Now she will have that peace and comfort as she goes through her treatment.
 God definitely wanted all three of us to be there for Julia's baptism. It has been one of the biggest miracles of my mission. At the Baptism she got up, without even being asked to, and bore her testimony. She told the story of how the Sisters met her and how I was the first one to find her and baptize her son. Then Jesus said, "That's the girl that saved my life"(Pointing at me). Seeing families be united in the gospel is one of my favorite things about being a missionary.
I've loved learning from the example of Alma and Amulek in the scriptures. They were so united in their purpose that the people felt the power of the Spirit. When people tried to trick Amulek he taught simple doctrine rather then address their concern and the people were confounded.  I learned the importance of teaching simply and powerfully rather than teaching to convince.
Funny Story: I was backing Sister Torralba up and the Elders that serve in the Spanish ward with us were we parked behind our car. I guess She didn't see me tell her to stop and she backed right into the front left side of their car. 
HAHAHA it was so bad. Muy MUY mal!!!
Love you all!
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
Julia's baptism

Our District picture...minus Sister Montague.

Ward Luau

 More Fun in the Trio


Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 48

So many crazy things have happened!!!
This week we had a Zone Conference in Naples. I drove our car with the two Spanish Sisters that we live with. It took us an hour and a half as we drove across the Everglades.
Sister Montague, and I, immediately applied the zone conference training by deciding who in our teaching pool was elect. We dropped the people who weren't willing to progress and focused on the people who were. Our only investigator, Melissa, is Extremely ELECT! She committed to living the Word of Wisdom even though she loved drinking her coffee.
We also knew that we were going to find that family that the AP's promised we'd find at the training. As we were knocking doors on Saturday we prayed with a lot of people who weren't willing to commit to anything. We started walking back to our car, but felt like we needed to knock one more specific door. When we knocked, a woman came out and let us pray with her. She accepted baptism AND church and had children who are baptismal age. We are visiting with her tonight. 
On Saturday we got a call from President Richardson. He informed us that Sister Montague was going to be Emergency Transferred up North and that I would be in.....ANOTHER TRIO with the Spanish Sisters we live with, Sisters Heacock and Torallba. We're covering both wards now. Pray that I'll have the gift of tongues for the next two weeks...  
I am so excited to finish off the transfer with the Hollywood Hills Sisters. Covering both areas is going to be another great learning experience. I know that this is what God wants. Last night the Sisters were telling Sister Montague and I about a man that they are Rescuing. After telling us what his name was and where he lived we figured out that he was MY recent convert from when I was being trained. He had gone less active when I left the ward and now I get a chance to go back and visit him with the Sisters. They are also teaching his mother. I am so excited.
Because this will be the fifth trio I've been in on my mission, I wanted to find some examples from the Book of Mormon of trios. I thought about it and realized that the Godhead is the ULTIMATE trio. As I studied more I realized what made them so united. They were so united in their purpose that people actually believe that they are the same being. I am excited to apply that to this trio for the rest of the transfer.
I love you all so much. Thank you for your support and prayers. 
I can feel it everyday.
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
It POURED this week
On an exchange with my STL. 
We had the same sweatpants so we had to take a picture.
Eating breakfast before the Zone Conference. 

Today, before we dropped Sister Montague off at the Mission Home.