Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 7

I studied a lot about the atonement this week. In President's email last week was about the Atonement. Something he said really changed how I harvest.

"The influence of the Atonement is evident in just a few short minutes, sometimes even seconds. Part of the evidence, when they feel the influence of the Atonement, is when they may be reluctant in the invitation to the blessing, when the Spirit softens and pierces their hearts and they feel the peace and hope that only the Atonement can give"

“That their hearts may be softened when thy servants shall go out from thy house, O Jehovah, to bear testimony of thy name; that their prejudices may give way before the truth, and thy people may obtain favor in the sight of all;... That all the ends of the earth may know that we, thy servants, have heard thy voice, and that thou hast sent us;” (D&C 109:56-57)

Knowing that the Atonement has to do with every aspect of Harvesting made me more aware of it with the people we prayed with. That's one of my most favorite things about being a missionary; seeing how the Atonement influences people and changes their lives. I was amazed as I saw that change happen in a matter of minutes. 

We met a lady, while harvesting, who was getting her mail. We asked her if we could pray with her and she said yes. We asked her what she would like us to include in the prayer and she immediately said her daughter who is struggling. She then told us that her daughter was inside, but would definitely not like being included in the prayer. Afterwards, we asked her if we could do anything for her and she said, "I want you to meet my daughter". She took us inside and we prayed with the daughter. She was very receptive and accepted baptism!! 

We also met a man while Harvesting who said he had a desire to stop drinking. We prayed with him and then promised him that as he turns to God, he will be given the strength to overcome his addiction. He immediately accepted baptism and said that he knew God had sent us to him. We met with him yesterday and he has gone a whole WEEK without drinking. The Light of Christ shown so brightly in his eyes. I am so humbled to see miracles like this everyday. The atonement will bless and change people's lives if they just turn to Christ and let him help them.

We finally had investigators come to church yesterday! Next week I'll be writing you all about the baptism that WILL happen for one of our investigators!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR HER!!

Sooo Sister Biggs just told me that she emails a paragraph to her family each week about what she loved about me....pay back is sweet. I'm definitely going to be telling you all why I loved her each week from this point on!

Why I loved Sister Biggs this week: She is so patient with me. I'm just a little "Gringa" (She tells me that Gringa means "beautiful princess", but I know that's a lie....) who doesn't know what to do. She also is an amazing example of obedience to me. She is the epitome of EXACT obedience. I know that she is my trainer for a reason. We're kind of like twins and it scares me. Jokes. But really. I love her to death.

Funny Story:
We were walking through a parking lot when we saw a baby duckling. He was so cute and yellow and all alone. The poor little guy was lost. He was walking towards us, probably 5 feet away, when a car comes zooming buy and drives right over it. I was in shock and didn't want to see a duckling pancake, but luckily the duckling just rolled and then kept on walking. We almost died because it all happened so fast, right before our eyes...

On that note, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! #theatonementisreal 

Sister Matheson
Pic1-HIDEOUS duck, they are everywhere
Pic2-The elders made pizza
Pic3-Sister Matheson & Sister Biggs
Pic4-The sunsets are amazing!


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