Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 12-MiracleWeek-God is good!


It was a miracle week!! (As per usual. God is good). On Monday we prayed with every single person who opened their door...except for one...it was still amazing though! We're so blessed. Sister Biggs is going to kill me for telling you this...buuut, oh well! We prayed with a boy who was about 19. Sister Biggs said the prayer and then immediately afterward he holds his arms up and goes in for a hug with Sister Biggs. She shot her hand up and he said, "hug?". We both go, "NO, just a handshake..." Needless to say he was a tad bit offended, Sister Biggs was in shock and speechless, and I was all flustered and continued to invite him to be baptized several times!

We had an amazing opportunity to pray with a family while we were Harvesting this week. We knocked the door and a man opened it. He was a little reluctant to accept the prayer when this woman came up to the door and immediately invited us in to say the prayer. There were children everywhere and the woman started talking to two other women. They invited us upstairs to say the prayer so we followed them. They took us to a bedroom where two more women were. We found out that they were all sisters. They shut the door and what was once a house filled with screaming children turned into a room filled with the spirit and peace. After the prayer they were all very appreciative and eager to learn more. God definitely wanted us to be in that neighborhood for this specific family. 

WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE ON FRIDAY!!!!!!! Best. Day. Everrrr. The Fort Lauderdale temple is super tiny, but it is so gorgeous! We went to the 8:00 am session with our zone and 1 other zone. President and Sister Anderson went to that session as well. (It's their last week here). After the session we all met up in the baptistery. President Anderson talked to us and we got to ask a few questions. They are truly called of God! We are so blessed to have had them be over our mission.   

Fun Fact About Florida: It rained almost every day this week! We rode our bikes on Friday after the temple. We went and knocked on someones door and then by the time we were done praying with them the rain was pounding down! We got to ride our bikes in it and it was the greatest day of my life. I actually really loved it!! Don't worry, I only fell off once haha! dang mud. 

I studied about faith and the Atonement. Faith moves us to repent.
". . . [A]nd their garments were white even like unto the lamb of God. And the angel said unto me: These are made white in the blood of the lamb, because of their faith in him." (1 Nephi 12:11). Once we've been forgiven we need to have faith in that. We need to trust that we really are clean and that God has forgotten our sin. When we don't forgive ourselves it's not showing faith in Jesus Christ's Atoning sacrifice. We need to know that we're worth it!

"Faith is the moving cause of all action". -Joseph Smith

I love you all so much!!! 

Sister Matheson
This weeks pictures!

1- Sister Biggs is obsessed with cats! (MEOW) We were helping Bonnie pack (she's moving to South Dakota...sad day) and we had a little too much fun. She collects monopoly games, Precious Moments, and Beanie Babies. 
2-All of the Canadian Beanie Babies she had...there were probably 1,000...no joke!
3-This picture doesn't even do the rainbow justice...
4-I'm standing right next to President Anderson...trying to open my eyes because the sun was so bright!
5-Another picture of the temple cuz...why not?:)
6&7-Pizza after the temple!! 


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