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Monday, November 17, 2014


Hello everyone!!!!
Before I get to the really exciting news...I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF!!! 
I learned some very important things from it:
1.Never let an 85 year old woman cut your hair.
2.Hair grows back
An older woman in our ward offered to cut my hair. I figured it would be fine, It was free right? Anyways, I told her to cut just below my shoulders and a few snips later without a comb or anything, 9 inches of my hair fell to the floor. She just kept cutting and cutting till it was a good couple inches shorter than I had wanted. I had to go home and even everything out. Oh well. I can work it!
Tuesday we went to transfer meetings and I started freaking out on the way over. The whole meeting felt SO long and all I wanted was to know who my "baby" would be. FINALLY I found out I was training Sister Anderson. I ran over and gave her a big hug! She's from American Fork as well and graduated the same year as me...we never even knew each other. 
When ever we tell people that they always say, "Well that's because you, 
(Sis Matheson) were probably in the popular group and thought you were to good to talk to her"...NO haha We laugh about it.
My "baby", Sister Anderson, is adjusting well. 
She was having a hard time at first with rejection during Harvesting, but I just put my arm around her and we kept going. We saw a lot of miracles, especially on Transfer night, that boosted her faith.
We weren't having a lot of success, in fact we had a man talk to us about how incorrect it is to say that Jesus Christ is our "older brother" because then it puts us and him at the same level...some bogus like that. pshhh I felt bad for the dude. I was basically testifying the whole time and poor Sister Anderson was just like, "what have I gotten myself into..." Right after that though we knocked on a door and a woman with two young kids answered. She let us pray for her and asked that we include her husband in the prayer. She invited us to come back the following day. When we went over to her house we met her best friend and taught them both on their front porch. She explained to us that her mother had died of Cancer recently and that her husband had committed suicide about two years ago. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and testified that being baptized would help her find that hope and purpose in life.
We also went to see Jamie at her trailer and saw the member that lives across the street from her as well. There friend was over there as well. Both Jamie and the friend lit up a cigarette right then. We each took turns reading a verse from the story of Jesus washing the Apostles feet. Their other neighbor came over and we all read the story with a flashlight because it was so dark. That definitely goes down in history as one of my favorite moments as a missionary!
I was reading in ACTS this week about how the Apostles did their missionary work after the Savior left. I loved Chapter 5:40-41 When Peter and John are arrested, beaten and then released. They knew the power of their calling so much that, "...[T]hey departed from the presence of the council rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name." (vs. 41)
We only got kicked out of a community by security once this week. 
That was a blessing;) They were kind enough to escort us out and everything! haha.
I've loved training thus far because I'm always thinking back of when I was being trained and I can see how much I've grown. I can recognize how God has helped me become an effective instrument in his hands and I can see all the ways that I need to improve as well.
I hope all is well with all of you. 
I love you so much and keep you in my prayers daily
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
Before and Afters of the hair cut

The "I LOVE YOU" was right before transfer meeting.
Right before the Ginger left me...:(
My "baby" is so talented
Our cute little room.
In front of our FLORIDIAN chapel
Exchanges with our awesome STL's

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