Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 56 - I'm.....TRANSFERRING!!!

Tomorrow is our Transfer Meeting so I'll find out then who I will be with and in what area. I'm excited for this next transfer and what is has to bring. I know that there are things in my new area and from my new companion that I have to learn from. 

This week was filled with many miracles, as per usual. Our Investigator, Brother G*, got BAPTIZED! There was a lot of opposition leading up to his baptism because I know he is going to be a very solid member. His wife was already a member (but had been less active up to this point) and shed tears as he was baptized by one of their long time family friends in the ward. He received the Holy Ghost following the baptism. Immediately we noticed a countenance change. He lit up the whole room. All throughout church on Sunday we saw him with a big grin on his face. His wife even received a calling to be the Activity Day leader. It is so beautiful to see strong families united in the gospel.

Our other investigator, T* brought her best friend to church with her. She informed us that she had been to one of our church services before and LOVED IT! When she stood up in Relief Society to introduce herself she said, "My name is...and I'm going to be back every week so you better get USED to this face". We later taught her and her friend about the Restoration and she cried because she knew it was true. She jumped at the opportunity to be baptized and said she was going to invite everyone! She is the most elect person I have ever met!

All week we were struggling to find new investigators. On Sunday night, however, we were knocking and found a Haitian family of FIVE!!! We taught them about the Restoration of the gospel using the pamphlets and pictures and they loved it. They kept asking for the address to church and all accepted baptismal dates. Sister Morrow and I walked away in SHOCK! God just placed them in our lap!

I read in the Book of Mormon about laying up for yourself treasures in heaven. I thought it was so interesting that when the people were wicked they were deprived of the word. They were to focused on the present, rather than the eternal consequences of their actions. That is what I love about the Book of Mormon. It lays it out so clearly that the path to Eternal Life is feasting on the words of Christ. 

It rained like CRAZY yesterday. We were getting out of the car to take a picture in the "puddle" (aka a mini lake) when a van came perusing by. I thought for sure they would slow down, but they continued to drive with a wave of water that came splashing on my back. Good times, just like the movies. 

I love you all!!

Sincerely, Sister Matheson

Brother "G's" Baptism

We ate Sorbet at a famous Ice Cream shop called Jaxsons

More food!

The Hollywood District

Contacting by the beach. No big deal.

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