Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 57

I got transferred to.....PORT ST. LUCIE!!!!! It's about a 2 hour drive north of where I was before. I am now in the most north zone of the mission. It took me a while to get used to all the white people. Haha and everything is so spread out. We spend quite a lot of time in the car going from one appointment to the other. 

My new companion is SISTER ABAD! This is her fourth transfer. She's Filipino and 5'0" so you can imagine what the two of us look like walking down the street. I already accidentaly elbowed her in the face...that's how short she is. I love it. She's absolutely crazy (in a good way) which makes the work fun.

I'm loving it up here in Port St. Lucie. Since I've been in the Fort Lauderdale my whole mission it has been quite a change, but a good one. The people here are a lot more laid back, but still receptive. On Transfer day, Wednesday, we saw SO many miracles. They had not been able to find any elect new investigators and we knew we had to find at least FOUR by the end of the night. We prayed about a street to knock and both chose the same one. The first man that we talked to let us in to say a prayer with his wife and daughter in law. We taught them the Restoration with the pamphlet and got a return appointment for the following day.

A couple doors down we found a girl who was searching for the gospel, she just didn't know it yet. We said a prayer with her and taught her a short lesson. She agreed to let us come back and to attend church so that she could prepare for baptism. We couldn't believe it! Withing the first 15 minutes of our contacting time we had found those FOUR investigators that we were looking for. 

It didn't stop there. We went to knock on the door of a potential investigator and taught his whole family. We then had four additional New Investigators for the day. We could feel God pouring out the blessings on us all day. It was a great way to start the transfer in this new area.

I read the Beware of Pride talk and Pride seemed to be the center of my studies in the Book of Mormon as well. It was pride that ultimately disqualified the people for the blessings that God had for them. I also studied about mighty prayer and recognized the correlation between the two. I am so grateful for how much we pray as missionaries because it helps us recognize where all of our blessings are coming from. That is definitely something I will continue to do for the rest of my life.

I love you all!!! Keep reading your Book of Mormon daily and if you get a chance, read "Beware of Pride". It's a good one.

Sincerely, Sister Matheson

Rice cake for Sister Abad's 20th Birthday

This is my district (plus an extra companionship in our ward) after a meal appointment yesterday.


  1. Hey! I just got called to the ft lauderdale mission and will be coming in early september :) just a quick question, do you know if sister missionaries are allowed to wear sandal type shoes in this mission?! I've seen some photos with them wearing them but I just wanted to make sure! :) thanks!

  2. I am not sure the exact dress code on shoes. I do know after being in Florida just a short time Sister Matheson decided that crocs were the best shoes because of the water, they come in lots of cute dressy styles and they were comfortable.