Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 28 - HEYYYY! What's Good?

Since we work in such a rich area we have to work a little differently than in most areas. We've been focusing on helping the members a lot. We've had lots of service opportunities this week which I LOVE! We made cookies and dropped them off at some of the Recent Converts houses. We actually found some Ghetto in Pines! We didn't think that was possible, but it actually is. There's a trailer park that we found as we were visiting some members. We said a few prayers with some really humble women. Both of them had had 3 strokes recently!!!
We were walking back to our car after Harvesting at the end of the night. As we walked past a certain house I felt like we should go knock on the door. I thought I saw something move on the porch, but I wasn't sure. I asked Sister Furner if we should knock it or go to the car to make it home on time and she said we should at least try before we left. As we walked up to the door we saw a woman sitting on her porch with a cigarette in her hand. We asked if we could come say a prayer with her and she chuckled and said yes. As we got closer we noticed that she was crying. It looked as though she had stepped outside to take a breath after a fight. She told us that we had come at the perfect time so we said the prayer with her. I'm so glad we followed that prompting!
We went to contact a referral from the YSA Sisters this week. When we knocked on the door it was not the woman that we were looking for, it was her father. He was a Korean man named Seung who invited us in to say the prayer with him. He spoke little English, but enough to get by. He talked to us about Korea and how he has been here, in America, for 30 years but still struggles with the language. After the prayer he told us that he felt a lot of peace and invited us to come back and teach his daughters as well. We were able to bring a member with us for the second lesson. Seung prayed for the first time. It was amazing! The member promised Seung that he would find a Korean speaking member to come back for the next lesson if he prayed on his own. He agreed. We couldn't think of anyone who spoke Korean, but by some miracle the member was able to find a Korean man in our stake. He came to our next lesson and translated the whole thing. It was such a Tender Mercy.
Funny Story: We were cooking lunch and all of a sudden I smelt something burning. I looked back at the oven and the bag of rice was on the hot burner. As I lifted it up all the rice fell out because the plastic had melted....It was an adventure cleaning that up!
I love you all so much!!! Thanks for all your love and support.
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
Happy Halloween!
We had "movie night" Friday after planning and watched a cheesy church movie.
Good times.

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