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Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 29 - Heeeyyyoo!

Dear Family and Friends,
Basically I can sum up the week by saying we biked, went to a meal appointment, biked some more, ate some more, biked some more, knocked some doors, and then biked even more! We are going to be so in shape it's not eve funny! This week was filled with miracles. I'll just have to start naming them off, there were so many.
Miracle 1: Last P-day we were printing off pictures at CVS. One of the workers was VERY attentive. He asked if we needed assistance twice. After saying that we were fine he came right over to us. He looked at my name tag and asked about our church. We started telling him what made us different and that we believe in the Book of Mormon. I whipped one out and he grabbed it from me right away. I told him he could have it and missionaries could come pray with him. He was speechless! He grabbed my hand, kissed it right then, and thanked me over and over again. He said his heart was pounding so hard and that he could feel the power of the book. He walked around the whole store holding that thing. When he was ringing us up he said that he felt something draw him to us and he knew it was God.
Miracle 2: One night we were Harvesting and saw a Father get in the car with his two daughters. we felt like we should pray with them, but the were too far away and they started to drive off. We walked up to a door and the woman would not accept the prayer. As we were walking down her driveway we saw the man sitting in his car waiting for us. He motioned for us to come over and he pointed at our name tags. It became apparent very soon that he was deaf and did not speak. I ended up talking to him about the church by texting everything into the phone so that he could read it. His little girl said that she has been wanting to get baptized. The man showed me texts that he had received about the Book of Mormon. We explained it to him by typing it up and reading from it. He typed in his phone that he wanted a Bible. We ran, yes, we literally ran to our car to get him one. The whole lesson was over texting, but he agreed to have missionaries come say a prayer with his family. It was amazing!
Miracle 3: We were Harvesting with a member without any success. The last door we knocked on accepted the prayer. It was a woman who later told us that she was a member. She had been baptized when she lived in the Dominican Republic when she was 15. She hadn't been to church since, but after the prayer asked where the chapel was and said she would come in 2 weeks. God doesn't forget his lost sheep!
Miracle 4: When we were on exchanges this week I stayed in Pines With Sister A. It was the end of the night, but we decided to knock a couple more doors before heading home. The first door we knocked on a woman opened her blinds. She got a big smile on her face and opened the door. She said, " You're not going to convert me, but next week I'm going to take you out to eat. I know all about what you do as missionaries. I know it's hard, your poor, and probably hungry so I'm taking you to dinner". We were like, "what the heck". Later on she explained that she was Jewish, but had lived in Utah for a while and knew a lot about our church. She accepted our prayer, gave us fancy water, and gave us her information to set up a time to meet up for dinner.
God lead us straight to her.
Miracle 5: We met a man while Harvesting the other day. He was standing by a tree outside his house smoking. We approached him with smiles and offered to say a prayer with him. He looked down at the cigarette and said he wasn't in a place to be praying because he was a drinker. We shrugged our shoulders and told him that God had sent us because he loved him no matter what. He agreed and we said the prayer with him. During the prayer I was able to see him through God's eyes a little bit and it made me ponder on how sad it is that Satan makes us think sometimes that we're not worthy to pray to him
God sent us all down here to earth knowing that we would make mistakes. That is why he sent his son Jesus Christ. He never told us that we had to be perfect all the time. I don't even know of anyone who has never made a mistake before. It's a part of life. It's what we do after we sin that makes the difference, though. One of the biggest lies that Satan tries to get us to believe is that we're not "worthy to pray". That is so messed up!
I was reading "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox
(you should read it if you haven't already) this week and it explains this perfectly.
"Too many are giving up on Church because they are tired of constantly feeling like they are falling short. They have tried in the past, but they continually feel like they are just not good enough. They don't understand grace...Grace is...our constant energy source...the light that moves us through the tunnel. Grace is...received right here and right now.".
"...My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. ...for when I am week, then am I strong." {2 Corinthians 12:9-10}
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
This is a member that came out Harvesting with us
We had "Christmas" this week and had to wear matching pajamas.
Obviously we picked out the cutest ones we could find...
Sister Furner picked out these really attractive "Hamster" shirts.
Of course we had to get matching ones.

The Cider we had on "Christmas Eve"
We have "red lipstick parties" during weekly planning.
Sister selfies


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