Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 41

First of all, We're in a TRIO now!!!  One of our STL's had to go home this morning for back surgery so now Sister Hartley (from Alberta Canada) is with us. We will be serving in both Pines and her area, Nova YSA. We will be in our Trio for the next three weeks. 
We're SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! This will be the fourth trio of my mission.
Elder Zwick and his wife came. They are SO incredible. Even just being in the same room as them you could feel the spirit. They did a special leadership/missionary fireside on Wednesday night down in Miami Lakes. He talked a lot about how the members need to be the ones to find and the missionaries need to be the ones to teach because the work is really hastening.
On Friday there was a special mission training/conference with him and we all went through and got to shake his hand and hug his wife. They just peered into my soul. No big deal. Someone also volunteered me to lead the music for the whole thing which was a surprise to me. I jumped up there and after the song, Elder Zwick thanked me by name. I wanted to share a few things that stuck out to me from what he said....
In order to stop the comparison of numbers between missionaries we must have one thing on our mind, "Have I done all that I could today?" If we can honestly kneel down every night and say "God, wilt thou accept the very best I could've done today?" 
Than we are doing ok. That applies not only for missionary work, 
but for our every day lives.
" I will never limit myself by what I think is my capacity, 
I will allow the Lord to expand my capacity and HE WILL!!!"
Mark 1:17
"If you're willing to change YOU WILL BECOME"
We ate dinner with a part member family this week and the Dad said that he would come to Sacrament meeting on Sunday. He is very sarcastic so we shrugged it off, thinking that he was joking. On Sunday his wife came and sat by us and said, "I have a surprise for you...I think *first name* is actually coming!" We couldn't believe it. Right then He walked in and sat on the same row as us. MILAGROS!
We also helped a less active family paint their garage on Saturday and they came to Church on Sunday. Service=softened hearts.
Funny story: I was moving stuff around in my closet last night to make room for Sister Hartley's things. I moved my luggage and SCREAMED like a little girl because there was a gecko hiding in there. I continued screaming every time it moved for about 20 minutes. Mind you, we were also on the phone with our District Leader and they stayed on the phone to hear the whole thing. Finally Sister Anderson was able to get it in a Tupperware container and through it outside. I'm such a girl. Hahah
I love you all so much!!!
Sincerely, Sister Matheson

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