Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 43

This week.....
1. We went on two temple tours. One with a Recent Convert (who loved it!) and one with a potential investigator. I loved teaching there because the spirit was so strong they couldn't deny it. It was also neat to see all the other missionaries there, doing the same thing. We got to take them into the waiting room and just sit and feel the spirit. It made me miss the temple so much more! GO THERE WHILE YOU CAN!!!
2. We were trying to contact a referral that we had received, but when the guard called from the gate he didn't answer. By some miracle the guard let us in anyways and we went straight to his house. An older man answered the door and explained that the person we were looking for was his son who wouldn't be back for another hour. As we left and got in the car another car pulled into their driveway. We got out and introduced ourselves, finding out that he was the one we were looking for. It was a 16 year old boy who had been taught quite a few lessons by the missionaries in Orlando. He loved what he had learned and he had been waiting for us. He was leaving town, but we plan to see him this coming week. You never know what fruits might come of the seeds you plant. 
3. We were also able to teach seminary this week. We taught about how simple it is to share the gospel with our friends by sharing simple principles and testimony. We showed them how to role play and split off into groups so that they could try. We gave them all pass along cards to give out that day. It's funny to see how much I've grown from then till now. THANK GOODNESS FOR MISSIONS!!!!!!!
4. I actually spoke in both the Pines ward and the Nova YSA branch yesterday. Talk about nerve racking! I think it went pretty well though. I realized how simple it is to talk when I prepare myself DAILY and study from Preach my gospel as well.
5. We had interviews with President Richardson. That man is so loving. HE IS CALLED OF GOD!!! I look up to him so much. I truly believe that I was called here for HIM to be my mission President.
I've been studying a lot about being sanctified in the Book of Mormon and Bible. 
I love how it is a PROCESS and something that we work at everyday. As long as we're repenting FREQUENTLY and prepare ourselves for the sacrament weekly, the Holy Ghost will be able to sanctify us.
Love you all!
Sister Matheson
-Last P-day we went "mountain" biking with our district. 
(Fake, man-made "mountains"). 
It was fun to get out and explore Florida a little bit. 

Temple Tours


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