Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 64

God blessed us SO MUCH this week. We got a referral for a boy named Kyle who requested a Book of Mormon. He ended up having a mom and sister who we started teaching as well. His grandmother became a member of the church before passing which sparked his interest. We're going to continue working with him. He's already read 15 chapters of the Book of Mormon. 

We also have been getting Sharon ready for her BAPTISM this next Saturday, the 27th. She has been taught everything and just needs to be interviewed. Because we need to continue teaching her regularly before her baptism we asked her if there is anything specific that she wanted us to teach her. Her reply was, "just teach me more ways I can serve in the Church after I'm baptized". Her desire is to be with her family forever. She is going to be a very solid member. I'm excited for the progress she's been making. 

Last night we knew we needed to find at least one more new investigator. While knocking doors we found a family of FOUR! They invited us right in and felt the Spirit very strongly. They accepted church with excitement and recognized the need to be baptized. We are going back this week with members to help them prepare for that. 

A member gave a talk yesterday and mentioned something that I have been pondering a lot about. He talked about the difference between Laman and Lemuel and Nephi and Sam. They both were obedient in leaving Jeruselem, going back and getting the Brass Plates, going back to get Ishmael and his daughters, and building a boat. What they did not have in common, however, was their attitude and purpose behind being obedient. Nephi and Sam always did it out of love for their father and for God whereas Laman and Lemuel did it out of obligation. Eventually the Book of Mormon conveys the consiquences of their choices. In the talk "The Fourth Missionary" it says,

" This way, the Lord's way, is in the end, easier. It is easier to give yourself to him to surrender your will to His than it is to fight the fight within. It is easier to give yourself to Him, than it is to wrestle in your heart and soul between what you want and what the Lord wants, between the natural man and your divine nature.". 

Think about that.

Sorry, I forgot to bring my memory card adaptor...ok I lost it. The search is on. I will send pictures next week. Lots and lots of pictures. LOVE YOU!!!

Sincerely, Sister Matheson

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