Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 72

I'll start out with some comic relief...Because of our limited miles we decided to bike a few days this week. On Thursday we parked our car at a park and biked to an area where we were planning on knocking. It started to get late and we got caught up teaching a lesson. By the time we left we had to RUN to our bikes (which were about a mile away), bike as fast as we could to our car, and then we would've made it home in time...well...that would've been all fine and dandy except that the PARK WAS LOCKED UP!!! Haha we couldn't leave so we waited on the sidewalk, all sweaty and gross, for the Sisters we live with to come pick us up. Moral of the story, read the park signs...

This week was quite a humbling week. All of our investigators either dropped us or got anti-ed. We tried everything we could to find. We OYM-ed (Open Your Mouth), rode our bikes, had finding time for most of our day, and still we were not finding elect new investigators. By Sunday I didn't know what more I could do but continue in faith, trusting that God would provide a way. We went knocking doors Sunday night and I KNEW that God had a family of five prepared for us to find that night. We prayed with a few people, but no one was very solid. On our way home we decided to pull over and knock doors for as long as possible before calling it a night. The last door we were planning on knocking on was a family of FIVE!!! They invited us in, talked about how they had been disappointed in all of the churches that they had attended, and accepted everything! It was a tender mercy from God that would not have been possible unless we were humble. 

I read in the Book of Mormon this week about the people of Limhi and how they were in bondage. God wasn't able to completely relieve their burdens, but when they humbled themselves THEN he was able to "ease the burdens which were upon their backs". I know that God is gracious. I know that he teaches us through every trial he allows us to go through. I am grateful for that. 

One of the little girls in our ward started Kindergarten today, her mom gave us a call today and said that the first thing she put in her backpack was the Restoration pamphlet that we had given her. She said that she was going to give it to her teacher and then "Sister Madison will teach her about Jesus". It was the cutest thing. Hey, even a five year old can find a way to share the gospel so we can too! 

I love you all! Tell me all about your missionary experiences. 

Sincerely, Sister Matheson

Stranded at the park

Dylon bought us Italian Ice before our lesson. 
I locked the keys in the Church...
I just don't have good luck with keeping track of keys..;) 

Crabs are all over here!

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