Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 73

This week has been the weirdest adventure!!!

-We had Zone Conference this past Tuesday
We drove with the STL's for the 1.5 hour drive. 

-Sister Brisco stepped on a giant red ant hill and got eaten alive

-A 23 year old guy jokingly proposed that we join him and his girlfriend in a polygamous marriage...HAHAHA

Saturday night we were biking home. We were in a bit of a hurry because we knew we needed to be home on time, however, as we biked passed the hospital I noticed a woman sitting on the sidewalk with her belongings. I had the impression to go talk to her. In my head I thought, "but we're cutting it close on time". The Spirit prompted me again, "go back and talk to her". I obediently turned my bike around and offered to share a card about Jesus Christ with her. She declined but told us that she did need help. She told us that she had just left the hospital and didn't know where she was because she was from UTAH!!! Immediately I knew we were where we were supposed to be. She looked like she was pretty banged up and as we talked with her she told us how she had come to Florida for a rehab center. They had admitted her to the hospital, but she had "checked herself out" by ripping out the IV and walking out. I asked her if she was a member and she told us she was. Her phone was dead and she didn't know where to go or what to do. We called a member family in our ward and they offered to come give her a ride. While we waited we said a prayer with her, talked about her family (who are all active members!!!). When the members came they took care of her. Brother H helped gave her a blessing and they actually had to let her stay at their house because the hospital would not re-admit her. We went over and visited yesterday for dinner. It was an amazing experience to be a part of this woman's story. I know that God loves her. No matter how far she had gone or what she was doing, God provided a way for her to be taken care of by prompting two Sister Missionaries to just stop and talk to her. I will forever remember this experience. 

One scripture I loved from the Book of Mormon this week is found in Alma 5:57,
"All you that are desirous to follow the voice of the good shepherd, come ye out from the wicked, and be ye separate, and touch not their unclean things. . ." 

Most of the time we wont be able to see the end from the beginning. We may even feel as if we are wandering in the dark, but if we rely on the "voice of the good shepherd" we shall not fear. 

"What you spend your time seeking will be what you find". 

Love you all!

Sister Matheson

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