Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, August 25, 2014

Week #21 I'M ALIVE!!!

First of all...


This week was adventurous. 
Transfer meeting was on Wednesday. A lot has been changed around because of the new Stake that was created. I am now in a Trio!!! My companions are Sister Wood and Sister Donald. Sister Donald is from Missouri. She's been out for 10 months, but she leaves tomorrow for Brazil. She's a visa waiter. Sister Wood and I both don't want her to leave because we love her so much. She's the glue that has kept us together this week. Sister Wood is from Logan Utah. She's 4' 11" so we make a great match. We have so much in common I just love her. It's double trouble with us. 
After Transfer Meeting we went to a baby shower for someone in our ward and had lunch. Then we went to see Sadrac, but he wasn't home. His brother James was and he insisted on feeding us his Haitian food. We couldn't deny him so we ate on the porch. It was spicy rice with a chicken leg. Sister Wood couldn't eat all of hers so we sneakily switched plates and I ate hers. 
Thursday we had a lesson with Latoya. It was very interesting. She brought up that she smokes and we committed her to stop right then and there. She even said a prayer during the lesson so that God would give her the strength to overcome her addiction. Sister Donald promised to never eat sugar for the rest of her life if Latoya stopped smoking!!! She's crazy. We all started laughing because she loves sugar. She decided to just do gummy worms and 3 Muskateers. Latoya kept talking about it and laughing about it. She even played out what she's going to have to do in the grocery store in order to resist temptation. We called her Sunday night and she said it's been four days since she had a smoke. God is so good. 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the craziest days of my mission thus far.

Friday we realized how bad the cockroach problem in our apartment really was. We called the Senior missionaries and they told us to take all of the dishes and everything out of our cabinets and bag them up. We wiped everything down. We had to move the fridge and everything. I won't go into detail about how disgusting it was, but fun fact: Cockroach feces smells disgusting. 
Saturday we finished wiping down the kitchen in the morning and then set off 7 bug bombs in our apartment before leaving for the day. Sister Donald sprayed herself in the face...oops! haha then we realized that we had left the phone in the apartment. She courageously ran back in to the apartment which was filled with poisonous gas. We yelled at her to come out because we were coughing and we weren't even in the apartment. Sister Donald got sick from it so we had to go back to our apartment later that day. The cockroaches were STILL ALIVE!!! She slept while Sister Wood and I wiped down everything with bleach. We all had a hard time sleeping that night. I woke up because I felt like I couldn't breath. It was almost like a pill was stuck in my throat. 
Sunday we all had a hard time focusing in church. We were all really sick and didn't realize it. The Elders gave us a blessing and I had a strong impression to call the mission nurse. Once she found out the magnitude of the situation she told us that we had created a very harmful gas by cleaning with ammonia and bleach....oops. We had slept in that all night.
This is my journal entry for yesterday:
"Sister Richardson called us soon after our phone call with the nurse. She told us to go over to her house so that she could keep an eye on us. When we got there, her and President hurried us into her car and she took us to the Emergency Room. on the way over Sister Richardson said, "Thank you Heavenly Father for protecting these girls from themselves". hahaha!!! For my first time I was admitted to the hospital. It didn't take long. They just asked us our symptoms and said we'd be fine. They gave us some meds. God really did protect us. Sister Richardson brought us back to her house and made us pasta. President Richardson shared his Reese's Oreos with us and talked to Sister Donald about Brazil. We tried to go work in our area afterward, but our car broke down and we all felt really sick still. The Houskeeper's had to come pick us up and take us back to Presidents house". We slept over at their house last night and then got dropped off at our apartment this morning to pack everything up. We were going to move to another apartment, but then they told us we have to stay. 
God really is so good to us to protect us from ourselves. I had no idea how serious it really was until President and Sister Richardson told us we could've died...God will protect us when we're keeping the commandments and doing all that we can. I also learned the importance of cleanliness. It is next to Godliness. Just don't mix ammonia with bleach or you really will go to meet God. 
I love you all!!! Go clean something and don't freak out. We're totally fine:)
Just keep praying for us. 

Sister Matheson
pic 1: Cleaning the kitchen
pic 2: Us in the Emergency room.
pic 3: The masks we had to wear while we packed our apartment.
pic 4: Hanging out at President's house, trying to get better.

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