Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 25- Violin love, things lost and found

I'm loving it here in the land of Davie South/Pines.
Trios are the best.
It's still as hot and rainy as ever!!!

This Week:

-We ate dinner at a members house. They had a daughter who plays the violin and let me play it. I played "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" and loved it. I'm really rusty, but I still played it. I forgot how much I love the violin!

-We went on a lot of splits with the members because we're working in two areas and wards. 

-One of our solid investigators was planning on getting baptized on Sunday, but fell back into her Word of Wisdom problem. She was a completely different person when she gave into her temptation. We could see a physical difference in her and it broke our heart. She'll come around though. The great thing is that God is a merciful God and is always there for us. 


-I lost the phone (of course I would) and we couldn't find it anywhere. I prayed and prayed and thought it might be at a members house, but it was far away. We went to the church and looked all over the next day. Then we prayed again. My first thought was to go to the members house that we had been at the day before. We drove there and looked in the grass where we had parked our car. Low and behold, IT WAS THERE!!! Not only was it there, but it was perfectly fine. That was such a miracle because of all the rain and humidity I thought for sure it would have water damage, but nope!
It was completely dry and perfectly fine.
 ***Moral of the story: Go with the first impression you receive from the Holy Ghost!!***

-We work in a very wealthy area. Like million dollar houses EVERYWHERE!!! We decided to take the challenge and go knock them. Why not? Everyone needs the gospel no matter how much money they have. They just don't know it yet. We needed to say 2 Harvest Blessings in the 20 minutes that we had. The first door we knocked on let us in. It was this really nice lady from France. She had a son with special needs and let us in to say the prayer. She cried because she felt the spirit so strongly. We taught her a little lesson right then and she accepted baptism. Before we left her husband came home. She asked if we could say the prayer with him. They both felt the Spirit super strong and said, "We've been looking for a church. It looks like we found our church". 

-This week we really needed to find new people to teach. The investigators we had kind of died off. We only had a few minutes to Harvest before an appointment on Saturday and we found what we had been praying for. I felt like we needed to go check up on someone we were teaching. She wasn't home and I was a little confused as to why I felt so strongly to go there. We saw a Jamaican guy with dreads and offered to say a prayer with his family. He told us to wait so that he could go ask. While we were standing there we noticed a woman trying to find her keys. We let her borrow our umbrella to go to her car. When she came back we prayed with her and she started crying. She accepted baptism right away and said she was familiar with the "Mormons". She was so excited when I gave her the Book of Mormon. If we hadn't followed the prompting to go see our investigator, we never would've met her. Sometimes when we get promptings they don't make sense at first. As long as we follow them then God will manifest unto us his plan whether it be right then or down the line. 

I love you all!!!
Keep praying for missionary opportunities and I know the Lord will provide.
Have a blessed week.

Sincerely, Sister Matheson
Where we found the cell phone!!
Avocado fresh off the tree. 

Splits with members!!
This is a Banana Spider.
They are the size of my palm, they scurry really fast as well.
Trios are the BEST!

 Florida FOOD!!

Violin love remembered!

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