Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 36 #ShareThe Gift

Hello from Pines!

-This week we have been going through the ward list and visiting all the members to get to know who they are and #sharethegift with them. We knocked on what we thought was a members door and then a woman named Jocelyn opened the door. She said she had recently moved there and agreed to let us say a prayer with her. Immediately after the prayer she asked us where our church was. She said that she had met a couple of Sisters a few months prior and that God had sent them right when she needed it. She said that God had sent us right when she needed it and she accepted baptism. MILAGROS for working with members!
-We were also going to see a less active member when we OYMed (Open Your Mouth) a man who was painting the house next door. We gave him a "He Is The Gift" card and he looked at it and said "AMEN!". He let us say a prayer with him and accepted baptism right away. He started looking around like, "are we going to do this thing right now?" We told him no, that the baptism would be in two weeks and he was quite excited about it. He doesn't live in our area so we passed him, but it was still an awesome miracle.

We received quite a few promptings to visit active members in the ward and thought it didn't make sense to go, but we followed the promptings anyways. EVERY TIME they needed us there for them. Whether they were struggling with a wayward child or they needed to know that God loved them that day, we were needed there. Even though it didn't count for anything number wise, I know that God needed us to "comfort those that stand in need of comfort". Something I learned from that is:

 Following every prompting with hast=EDIFICATION AND JOY IN THE WORK!!!

I read Alma 5 like you suggested and this verse stuck our to me...

"Behold, [ I ] sendeth an invitation unto all men, for the arms of mercy are extended towards them, and he saith: Repent, and I will receive you." (vs. 33)

It doesn't matter whether they are already baptized or not, EVERYONE needs to come unto Christ and our job as missionaries is to simply INVITE!

"Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through
Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement,
Baptism (or partaking of the Sacrament for members),
Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and
Enduring to the end."

So funny story...I have been practicing a little Spanish so that I can pass referrals to the Spanish sisters. I pretty much have that down, so that's a blessing, but understanding what people say back to me is a struggle. Usually I explain to people right up front that "No Hablo Español" . (I don't speak Spanish). We met a family where the Mom spoke English and the Father did not. When I first shook his hand I said, "Lo siento. No Hablo Ingles". jajaja ( I'm sorry, I don't speak English). oh my....He just looked at me funny and said, "you mean Español...?)

WELL, I hope you all have an amazing week and don't forget to #sharethegift ! I'm sure you already have, you're way a head of me, but know that this work can't be done without you. Everybody is important and valuable in the Kingdom of Heaven. No calling is too small. Love you!!!

Sincerely, Sister Matheson

p.s. words of wisdom from Sister Anderson, 
"It is better to prepare and prevent than it is to repair and repent".

I seem to have misplaced my camera temporarily so I only have a few pictures to send from Sister Anderson's camera....LO SIENTO!
#1 I can't hold babies, but you betcha I can hold bunnies. They're the next best thing!
#2Only in Florida would you find a hula dancing Santa
#3 People actually plant their poinsettias in their gardens here...weird!

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