Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 44

I'M BEING TRANSFERRED!!!!! Tomorrow at the transfer meeting I will find out who my companion is and where I will be transferred to. I'm excited for a fresh start:)
This week, on Wednesday, we were on our way to see a less active member with the few minutes we had left at the end of the night. On the way I felt impressed to drive down a certain street. As I turned around and headed in the direction I felt, I felt prompted to stop and park somewhere to knock doors instead. We all agreed on a door that we felt to knock first. A 25 year old guy came to the door and agreed to let us pray with him. He invited his mother to join us as well. They expressed how they had been going through a hard time and knew that God had sent us. After sharing the prayer with them they agreed to let us come back and teach them more. The next day we met her husband. We taught them a short lesson and during the closing prayer both him and his wife were in tears. It all came from the whisperings of the still small voice.
One of our investigators from the Pines area came to church! She had missed sacrament the last time she came, but this week we walked out of ward council and there she was!!! It was fast and testimony meeting and our investigator was so touched by everyone's testimonies that she cried. Her and her daughter were able to stay afterwards and watch the baptism of an 8 year old girl. They LOVED it. We kept talking to them about what it would be like at THEIR baptism and they were excited about it.
I've been going through the Book of Mormon this past week and marking every reference to the names of Jesus Christ or God. So far I've written down 40 different names they are called. Every single page has their names multiple times and it's very interesting to see them highlighted. We were teaching a man this week and he was having a hard time accepting that the Book of Mormon was "another testament of Jesus Christ". I was able to explain that on every page you will find his name, multiple times, and bare my testimony that it is a testament that He lives. The spirit was so strong and he accepted the invitation to read it and pray about it.
Just a fun thought I had about sharing the gospel: We don't need to be afraid of what people will think of us as we share our testimony and INVITE others because either they will accept the gospel and thank us in Heaven for our invitation, OR they will reject it and they won't be in Heaven with us anyways...is that too harsh? Maybe, but it gave me confidence in doing what I'm doing. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY!!!!
Last P-day we went to the Everglades Holiday Park and watched a little show where a man "wrestled" an alligator. I finally felt like I was in Florida...weird! haha
We were walking around the NOVA campus to talk to people and we offered this student a card about Jesus. He said, "Only if you take one of these coconuts". We said of course!! Come to find out he had climbed the palm tree and picked the coconut minutes earlier. He then sat on the side walk RIGHT THERE and opened it with his bare hands for us......
Only in FL man...
I love you all! I'll let you know where I end up next week. 
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
Everglades Holiday Park

Crazy Gator wrestler!
Coconut from NOVA guy

Avocados are HUGE in FL!! 

Farewell to the Trio!!

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