Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 45 I'm not in Pines anymore

I got transferred to....HOLLYWOOD NORTH!!!!!! Also known as HollyHOOD.... Let's just say I'm not in Pines any more.
I'm "greenie breaking" Sister Gardner's "baby", Sister Montague. She's from North East California. She's amazing! She's 22 and SO easy going. We are already teaching in full Comp Unity. It's great. We live in a cute little old house with two other Spanish Sisters; Sister Heacock and Sister Torallba. 
I love having more roommates.
I am so in love with the people here. The ward is amazing too. On Saturday night they had an "International Dinner" to raise money for the Young Women's camp. I had Haitian food, Venezuelan food, Hawaiian food, etc.  We had a lesson with a Jamaican and I kept thinking, "man, I thought I was an English missionary...." HA! We pray for the 'gift of tongues' in order to even understand the people who ARE speaking English.
We were knocking doors in a run-down neighborhood, (also known as the ghetto. Don't worry Mom and Dan...I'm safe!) and we started talking to a YSA age girl. She said she already knew all about Joseph Smith and wouldn't accept a Resto pamphlet. Basically she was all confused about prophets no matter how many times we explained that the same prophets in the Bible that she believed in were PROPHETS! Oh well, I taught her how to play a couple cords on the guitar so we left on good terms:)
On Saturday we needed to find new investigators so we prayed to know where we should knock doors. We pulled up to the neighborhood and a woman answered the first door we knocked on. She invited us into her home to say the prayer and gathered all of her children along with the neighbor friends who were there. We said the prayer, all kneeling on their floor and afterwards explained our role as missionaries. The woman said that she could feel a good spirit about us and agreed to have us come back and talk to her more about the church. We gave her the Book of Mormon and her face lit up as we gave it to her. 
She said that she would definitely read it. MILAGROS!
Anyways, I hope you all have a peachy week and keep praying for missionary opportunities. Love you!
Sister Matheson
"Mom and dad" Oliver

Our cute little house

The bedroom

The kitchen

The view of our house from the front door
Food from the International dinner

The view from one of our members apartments. She fed us dinner last night.

My amazing new companion!!!

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