Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 47

This week we focused on only teaching elect people. We cleaned out our teaching pool so that we could work with people who were willing to repent and we were blessed because of it. Our investigator, Andre, had told us that he would not be able to make it to church on Sunday. We did everything we could to teach him the importance of the sacrament and why God wanted him to go (not just us). We left our lesson with him a bit disappointed in his decision, but edified because we knew we had done all we could. Sunday morning we gave him a call and he asked us if we could still find him a ride. We told him of course! He was able to have a change of heart and see the sacrament.
Andre also expressed his desire to learn more and especially learn how to read so that he can read the Bible and keep his mind off of smoking. We told him that we'd teach him how to read and we've started reading through the Primary Songs with him. If any of you have ideas of teaching people English, let me know.

One of the members in our ward gave us a referral of his neighbor. We met her Sunday afternoon and taught her about the restoration. She told us that this was the kind of church that she had been looking for. Before we even invited her she said, "I'm going to be there next week and I'm going to read this book and pray about it". We were so happy!

I read Alma 30 and 31 this week. I identified all of the qualities that an anti-Christ has. I found it interesting that they always entice people by sharing bits of true doctrine, but then it is distorted so subtly. I believe that is how Satan traps us (and our investigators). It is our job to help those we teach how to recognize the Spirit so that when those Anti-Christ's come up, they can recognize for themselves what is of God and what isn't.
We went to THE coolest Farmers Market for lunch on Saturday
There were so many different booths with food and clothes from all over the world. 
I love Florida SO MUCH!!!
Don't worry, I still love you all as well. Keep doing the basics. 
That is how we stay "fast to the iron rod".
Love you! Sincerely, Sister Matheson
Andre donated blood for the first time at the church (why the blood bus came on a sunday, I don't know)....He was so scared and I was just like his mom insisting that I take a picture of him at this momentous occasion.

This is the Jerk chicken and Ox tail that we had this week. 

Gotta love Jamaican food.


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