Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 46

This week was so incredible. I definitely know we were in the right places at the right time.
-Our investigator Andre came to Church!!! He wasn't committing because he wanted to "look good" and didn't have any church pants. Sister Montague and I did a little shopping and after a few trial and error purchases, we finally found a pair that fit that picky little man. HA!
-We were visiting with a member from the ward and she told us her conversion story. She said that she went to dinner at a woman's house named Benja Peterson and the missionaries were there!!! WHAT?!?! It's a small world. She said she started meeting with the missionaries and got baptized in about '97
-We were knocking doors and knew we had just enough time to knock one more door. We picked a house let looked safe and decided to knock. A woman opened the door and invited us in to pray with her and her sister. They both felt the Spirit so strong and knew that God had sent us. We had a return appointment with them last night and she shared that she had prayed for people to come to her house and teach her about what church she should go to. She promised God that she would open the door to the next church people that came to her house. We shared the Restoration and they kept shaking their heads, "yes" and told us they knew it was true.
-We were on a couple hour exchange with our Sister Training leaders and Sister Calvo and I were going to knock in our area. We decided on an apartment building and walked up to the first people we saw. We introduced ourselves and told them where the church was. They told us that they had been to that church and got married there. Sis. Calvo and I were nodding our heads, "nice!" but thinking, "they don't know what church they're talking about"...haha. They continued explaining how they had gotten baptized there last year and pulled up pictures of their baptism. Sure enough they were standing by four missionaries (one of which was Sister Nimer). We couldn't believe it. They explained how they had moved and didn't have a ride to church. We're going to be meeting with them and helping them come back.
-Last miracle I'll share for the week...We were waiting in line at Chipotle when a man came up to us and handed us $20.00. We looked at it and said, "what?". He explained that he was paying for our dinner and that he and his family were all visiting from Utah for a cruise. His father was a Mission President in South Carolina and Worked in the DC Temple and in the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission. It was really fun to see all those people from Utah.
This week I've enjoyed reading the account of Abinadi. That man is my hero. He had so much faith and trust in God that he was willing to sacrifice his whole life for Him. His hope and courage came when he knew God and knew the Plan of Salvation. He may have not seen the fruits of his labors, but Alma went away from that experience and baptized 204 souls.
I love you all so much and hope you have the best week everrrrrrr!
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
 Is this really necessary..?
With Andre

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