Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission // April 2014-October 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 48

So many crazy things have happened!!!
This week we had a Zone Conference in Naples. I drove our car with the two Spanish Sisters that we live with. It took us an hour and a half as we drove across the Everglades.
Sister Montague, and I, immediately applied the zone conference training by deciding who in our teaching pool was elect. We dropped the people who weren't willing to progress and focused on the people who were. Our only investigator, Melissa, is Extremely ELECT! She committed to living the Word of Wisdom even though she loved drinking her coffee.
We also knew that we were going to find that family that the AP's promised we'd find at the training. As we were knocking doors on Saturday we prayed with a lot of people who weren't willing to commit to anything. We started walking back to our car, but felt like we needed to knock one more specific door. When we knocked, a woman came out and let us pray with her. She accepted baptism AND church and had children who are baptismal age. We are visiting with her tonight. 
On Saturday we got a call from President Richardson. He informed us that Sister Montague was going to be Emergency Transferred up North and that I would be in.....ANOTHER TRIO with the Spanish Sisters we live with, Sisters Heacock and Torallba. We're covering both wards now. Pray that I'll have the gift of tongues for the next two weeks...  
I am so excited to finish off the transfer with the Hollywood Hills Sisters. Covering both areas is going to be another great learning experience. I know that this is what God wants. Last night the Sisters were telling Sister Montague and I about a man that they are Rescuing. After telling us what his name was and where he lived we figured out that he was MY recent convert from when I was being trained. He had gone less active when I left the ward and now I get a chance to go back and visit him with the Sisters. They are also teaching his mother. I am so excited.
Because this will be the fifth trio I've been in on my mission, I wanted to find some examples from the Book of Mormon of trios. I thought about it and realized that the Godhead is the ULTIMATE trio. As I studied more I realized what made them so united. They were so united in their purpose that people actually believe that they are the same being. I am excited to apply that to this trio for the rest of the transfer.
I love you all so much. Thank you for your support and prayers. 
I can feel it everyday.
Sincerely, Sister Matheson
It POURED this week
On an exchange with my STL. 
We had the same sweatpants so we had to take a picture.
Eating breakfast before the Zone Conference. 

Today, before we dropped Sister Montague off at the Mission Home.

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